Sant Antoni Festa Major and La Festa dels Tres Tombs – A Good Excuse for Barcelona to Party in January

Christmas already seem like a distant memory? Bored of the January cold and sobriety? Then get yourself over to Barcelona’s Sant Antoni district for its Festa Major and Cavalcada dels Tres Tombs featuring fire devils, music, dancing, animals, and the perfect opportunity to get the priest to bless your pet. Read on to find out more…

Spain: the land of Sun, Sea and … the World’s Biggest Lottery?!

It wouldn’t be Christmas in Spain without spending at least 20 Euros in an attempt to win the world's biggest lottery. Read on to find out how Spain’s obsession with Christmas gambling started, how the surprisingly complex system works, as well as why you absolutely must buy a ticket if you don’t want to risk crying into your Christmas dinner whilst your entire village celebrates winning the jackpot.